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Vermilion NPC
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Victoria Belcher
Victoria (Belcher) Basil
Pureblood. Works in the IMC Portuguese Office. Ravenclaw 1985. Second oldest of five. Avid reader. Married to Dylan Basil. Mother of Connor Basil.
PB: Rhiannon Fish

Aurelia Diggle
Aurelia Diggle
Receptionist at Terrortours. Gryffindor 1982. Younger sister of Dedalus. Has a very clear breaking point. Prefers to be non confrontational.
PB:Rachel Grate

Elizabeth Hinkle
Elizabeth Hinkle Smith
Pureblood. Former Ravenclaw. Former Prefect. Goes by 'Liz'. Straight Laced. Loves to play Exploding Snap. Tries to keep her friends in line. Is not afraid to speak her mind. Married to Cody Smith. Currently expecting a baby.
PB: Anna Kendrick

Henrietta Hinkle
Henrietta Hinkle
Ravenclaw 1984. Former Prefect. Halfblood. Boy crazy. Bane of Mahima Doge and Maggie Calhoun's existence. Likes men in positions of authority. Funny hats are also a plus.
PB: Lily Loveless

Ro Hooch
Rolanda Hooch.
Call her Ro. Former Hufflepuff. Former Quidditch Captain and Chaser. Passionate about Quidditch and Rugby. Ex-prefect. Muggleborn. Youngest. Tomboy. Finding out who she is and trying to stay alive. Currently hiding in Scotland.
PB: Mary Stuart Masterson

Bridgette Montague
Bridgette Montague.
Older half sister to Elita. Snobbish. Loves pretty smelling perfumes. Hates muggles and muggle contraptions due to an automobile accident years ago. Still not sure what to make of her stepmother. Hates her younger stepsister. Out of school and waiting to be arranged in France.
PB: Susan May Pratt


Russell Belcher.
Pureblood. Ravenclaw 1984. Clerk at Copper Nickel's Astronomy Supplies. Bit of a gambler. Uses bets to make extra money on the side. Dating and living with Brenda Gordon.
PB: Mark Salling
Russell Belcher

Boden Bonaccord.
Beauxbatons '78. Best friend of Dreu de Rabel. Twin of Béatrice. Quieter than the rest of the socialite French men and less promiscuous. Works for the French Ministry. Following in a long line of politicians and government officials. Married to Michelle Dobbs.
PB: Jeremy Jordan
Boden Bonaccord

Grant Bulstrode.
Halfblood. Former Prefect. Ravenclaw Alumnus. Currently dating Niall Cochrane. Homosexual. Formerly an avid D&D enthusiast. Middle child. Misunderstood. Excels at charms. Working with the Experimental Charms Committee. Whiner. Drama Queen. Estranged from friends and family. Trying to learn how to simply be himself. Recently fathered Alicia Fletcher's son.
PB:Drake Bell
Grant Bulstrode

Benjamin "Jamie" Capper.
Works in the Department of Magical Transportation. Ravenclaw'74. Wannabe Death Eater. Hard working. Former Witch Weekly's Most Eligible Bachelor. Playboy of many pureblooded women. Refuses to cut his hair. Prefers to be called Jamie over Benjamin any day. Not exactly sad that his brother is now dead. Married to Aislin Baddock. Father of Serena Capper.
PB: Travis Fimmel
Jamie Capper

Robert Cornfoot.
Pure. Second youngest member of the Cornfoot clan. Clerk for the Portkey Authority. Ravenclaw 1981. Quiet. Studious. Robbie to some, Robert to most. Terrified of Gilly Quigley. Stays in the shadows of his siblings for the most part. Dating and cohabitating with Joss Marsh, which may or may not be a good thing.
PB:Ben Foster
Robert Cornfoot

Philbert Deverill.
Prefers to be called Phil. Former Gryffindor '70. Assistant Manager for Puddlemere United. Begrudgingly brother in law to Shannon Deverill. Very English with a touch of French influence. Youngest of five. Quite proud to be different than his brothers. Eligible Bachelor and proud of it.
PB: Robin Thicke
Phil Deverill

Amos Diggory.
Husband to Olivia and father of Cedric. Hufflepuff '76. Works at the Ministry in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Best mate to Ralden Basil.
PB: Dane Cook
Amos Diggory

Stephen Dobbs.
Older brother to Shannon. Lives to make her life Hell. Recently returned from The Far East. More upset than most that his cousin is still missing. Working in the Chinese Embassy at the Ministry of Magic. Prefers China to Japan, but will travel anywhere. Former Witch Weekly Eligible Bachelor. Married to Athena Jones. Father of Emma and cousin to Michelle Dobbs.
PB: Stephen Dorf
Stephen Dobbs

Dreu de Rabel.
Beauxbatons '78. Loud and obnoxious. Playboy. Often seen with Béatrice Bonaccord for laughs. An all around trouble maker. Speaks incredibly poor English but loves to party. Not as distinguised as some of his peers, but maybe one day.
PB: Dustin Milligan
Dreu de Rabel

Hector Hinkle.
Halfblood. 1987 Ravenclaw. Best mate to Paris Scamander. Youngest child. Sibling to Henrietta and Hudson. Born troublemaker. Loves nothing more than a good prank. Always carries Droobles in his pockets. Watchwizard for the Ministry of Magic.
PB:Kenton Duty
Hector Hinkle

Kieran Moran.
Pureblood. Homeschooled. Starting Chaser for the Ballycastle Bats. Identical twin to Brady Moran. Lives in a flat with his brother in Ireland. Living his dream to the fullest.
PB: Sam Way
Kieran Moran

Reese Moran.
Pureblood. 1986 Ravenclaw. Chaser for the Falmouth Falcons. Loves comic books and Quidditch more than anything. Younger brother of Emmaleigh Moran. Best mate to Dylan Basil. Married to Niamh Moran. Looks to his cousins Kieran and Brady as role models.
PB:Matt Lanter
Reese Moran

David Spinks.
Pureblood. Auror. Former Hufflepuff. Newly married to Kate Stokes Spinks. Father to Abby and Aaron Spinks and Stepfather to Andrew Stokes. Glad to finally be off the Witch Weekly Eligible Bachelor list. Just wants to live a peaceful quiet life in a rough and tumble world.
PB:Michael Vartan
David Spinks

Wilhelm "Will" Wigworthy.
Muggleborn. Former Hufflepuff. Howarts Drop Out. Living in the Muggle World and attempting to forget the Wizarding World ever existed. McDonald's employee. Just wants to stay alive. Married to Brielle Basil. Father to Phillipp Niklaus and Rebekka Olivia Wigworthy (fraternal twins born 1 August 1985).
PB:Joshua Jackson
Will Wigworthy

Deceased NPCs

Vincent Capper.
Prefers being called Vince. Pureblood. Younger brother of Jamie Capper. '76 Ravenclaw. Disowned. Healer in Creature-Induced Injuries. Quiet and serious for the most part. Shares different views of society than his family. Married to Marlene McKinnon. Murdered by Theo Selwyn on 22 July 1981.
PB: George Stults
Vince Capper

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